Caterpy No Tie Laces 75cm (Flamingo Pink)

Caterpy No Tie Laces 75cm (Flamingo Pink)

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Caterpy’s no tie shoelaces make use of the revolutionary elastic bump technology that holds customized tension throughout all eyelets. Caterpy laces strives to solve all shoelace issues. These issues range from inconsistency of tension throughout the shoe, lack of adaptivity for different foot shapes and inconvenience of tying laces.

Non-tying shoe laces give the wearer a customized fit, and can alleviate circulation issues, foot pain, and other unwanted conditions. With endlessly adjustable options for tension and style, Caterpy laces are the perfect fit for convenience and performance. We are the ULTIMATE choice in shoe laces for runners as well as anybody looking to revolutionize their footwear experience.

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